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NCK Dongle Crack is dongle-protected software that gives you unlimited unlocking Code Calculation software. Standalone direct unlock software !! Additionally, to make use of this application, users are required to have an NCK dongle device, which must be linked to a computer before the program can be executed.

NCK Dongle free

NCK Tool Crack Without Box is a special tool made just for MTK (MediaTek) Android phones that lets you quickly defeat FRP, flash firmware, and unlock patterns, passwords, and pin locks. The newest version also lets you do a meta mode hard restart and remove FRP for free. Also, try MCT Dauk Hywee Tool Pro Crack for free.

NCK MTK Crack Without Box lets you do a lot of things, like read device information, unlock FRP, unlock accounts, remove password locks, and unlock the bootloader. The process is quick and safe, and you don’t even have to sign up or buy credits. To do this, first Download NCK Crack Without Box setup to your computer and run it. Then, choose the choice you want to use and connect your phone to the computer. Finally, hit “Start.” That’s it!


NCK Dongle download

NCK Dongle crack


  • Unlocking:
  • Infinite unlocking, straight unlocking for SPD, MTK, and some Qualcomm
  • Check the codes:
  • You can read SPD, MTK, and some Qualcomm codes.
  • Back up and recover your phone book:
  • Back up and recover your phone book
  • BlackBerry codes to unlock:
  • See how to open your BlackBerry.
  • Figure out the codes:
  • Use IMEI and MEP to figure out BlackBerry 5-level codes
  • Fix IMEI:
  • NCK Spd Crack Without Box Download can fix the IMEI in ADB mode, Flash mode, META mode, and SP META mode.
  • To reset FRP:
  • Clear FRP in Flash mode
  • Flash software:
  • Let code be flashed
  • Get rid of phone firmware:
  • Read the original firmware and other files
  • Micromax estimates that don’t end:
  • Server-based Alcatel Android estimates that can’t be topped: No limits on figures.

You can also download EFT Dongle Crack.

How to Install?

  • Download the NCK Dongle MTK Crack installer.
  • Extract and install the setup.
  • Done.

How to use NCK Dongle PRO Android MTK Tool?

  • Launch the NCK Tool Crack.
  • Connect your MTK phone in EDL/Fastboot/Download/Meta Mode to the PC.
  • Well, Now you will get the below-listed options to fix or repair your phones.
  • Main Settings:
    • Phone Setting: Select Chipset & CPU
    • Firmware Setting:
      • Enable Version Check
      • Enable MD5 Checksum Flash Check
      • Huawei personalization erase
      • Reboot After Flash ||| Firmware Settings
      • Enable High-Speed Connection || Enable Debug Log
    • Flash Scenario: Safe Flash | Full Flash | Full Flash Skip Preloader | Flash Reset Package
    • Help
    • Boot Info
    • Meta Info
    • Write Flash
  • Unlocking:
    • Phone Setting: Select Chipset & CPU
    • Read Info (Codes)
    • Direct Unlock
    • Meta Mode
    • Flash Mode
    • Help
  • Service:
    • Phone Setting: Select Chipset & CPU
    • Format Option: Execute
    • ADB Operation: Execute Action
    • Reboot phone: Reboot phone in selected mode
    • Backup Restore: Execute Action
    • Analise Preloader Action
    • Reset FRP
    • Reset Privacy
    • Flash Read by Address
    • Dump phone firmware
    • Dump userdata
  • IMEI Utils:
    • IMEI Utils:=>> SVN || nr IMEI || IMEI = Repair IMEI
    • Calculate Chk
    • Meta Connection
    • Flash Connection
    • Adb connection
  • Settings:
    • Phone Setting: Select Chipset & CPU
    • Access: Execute Action
    • Brom boot
    • Flash without battery
    • Custom loader =>> Select Custom Loader
    • Custom preloader =>> Select Custom preloader
    • Backup directory
  • That’s it.

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