MCT Dongle 2.1.3 Crack Loader Without Box Free Download

MCT Dongle Crack is for managing, analyzing, and keeping an eye on Android devices. This is the first software ever made to fix cell phones. You can test all mobile phones and fix all the problems with Android devices. Brilliant MCT Dongle work software for verifying all applications, which means all software and hardware problems and activities on your phones. It has a simple and powerful way to fix and get rid of all Android mobile problems. The MCT Dongle is easier to set up with the help of a management system. MCT Dongle lets you do everything you want on your Android phone.

MCT Dongle Pro Tool is a Windows programme that is one of the best support dongles for all android devices. MCT Dongle Pro Tool is The most powerful software programme for Samsung, Huawei, MTK, and Qualcomm processors, and it bypasses FRP google account, flashes Huawei devices with all processors, EMMC Read Pattern/Pin/Password, Read & Write Pin/Pattern lock, Anti Theft Unlock, Unlock Network, Unlock Account ID, EMMC

MCT Tool 2.1.3 Crack Without Dongle Free Download 2022:

MCT dauk hywee tool pro download windows programme based on Huawei mobile repairing kit, such as frp lock resetting, write stock firmware, Fix bugs, Read info, Rooting, Repair IMEI numbers, fix long booting, boot loop, not power on at all. The Google account activation lock on the Huawei Android device is hard to get rid of, but you can reset it easily with the MCT dongle tool, which has a lot of features. Things you need to know about MCT dongle version 2.0.5 is that it works on other Android devices like oppo Redmi, tecno, Xiaomi, and so on.

With just one click, the mct dongle will let you get rid of the oppo password lock and the mi account activation lock. Test point images for Redmi, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi are in the mct. An mct dongle setup has already been cracked, so you don’t need to buy a credit coin or activation key. All you need to do is download it and install it on your computer, but make sure your anti-virus is turned off. You can also download HCU Dongle Crack.

In this article called “MCT Dongle Cracked,” I’ll tell you about a new tool for cracking. This is a tool that gives you the answer for each mobile device for free. With the MCT Dongle Crack tool, you can unlock mobile devices and remove FRP from Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Lava, Huawei, etc. The first two versions of this tool have been decrypted and work very well. You just need to download and install this software to use it. You don’t need a keygen or a key to do this. Do the same thing you do with the original setup, but you don’t need a dongle or box this time. Here are some of the things it has! Also read about how to remove all EMMC, codes, patterns, and FRP passwords. Change passwords as if they were brand new.

MCT Dongle 2.1.3 Full Cracked Setup Free Download For Windows:

MCT Dongle Crack Without Box is all-in-one software that lets you reset the locks on all of your mobiles. This means that you have a lot of security problems, but you don’t know how to fix them or even know what to do. So, MCT Dongle gives you everything you need to know about security and the tools to fix any problems. Sometimes we use a security password, but then our phone freezes because of a virus. After that, we’ll be able to open our cell phones, but we’ll have to deal with other important and urgent problems. All of these kinds of problems can be fixed quickly with an MCT Dongle. When we install the MCT Dongle and hook it up to our phones with cables, it resets and reads all of our codes.

The Vivo Bootloader, One Plus Bootloader, Xiami Bootloader, and Meizu Boot loader can all be unlocked with the MCT Dongle Without Box. It has a great platform for flashing, fixing, resetting, and safely handling your cell phone. MCT Dongle + Loader backs up your mobile data in a way that is strong and safe. You can get all of your stored data back and put it in a different order. Customize how you save data based on what you want, and help users get rid of any dangerous data. Reads all pattern, pin, and figure codes, and if we forget these codes, MCT Dongle direct can unlock them in a few minutes.

MCT Dongle V2.1.3 Latest Cracked Free Download:

MCT Dongle Full Crack can unlock your SIM codes and read all information about SIM codes. The full process lets users write and export their own codes on their mobile phones. SIM Lock codes are very dangerous, and we can’t get rid of them. But the beautiful and golden MCT Dongle Full Crack software opens all Gmail accounts and SIM locks right away. You can also test your mobile phone’s battery and reset the battery. With this tool, MCT Dongle Crack can help you extend the time your battery lasts. Look at your cables and charges as well. Also reads information about all brands, including models, names, etc.

MCT Dongle Crack Setup is a popular and well-known mobile flashing programme in the mobile media market. All Android devices can be easily updated to work right. The flashing shape is smooth and different from other software. Improve how well and clearly our mobile apps work. It shows any part of the cell phones or the whole thing, depending on what you want. When you flash the phone with other tools like DC-Unlocker, this is a very complicated and expensive process.

So, it’s free and doesn’t come with a hard-to-use system for updating your devices. Overall, if you use the MCT Dongle configuration, you won’t get hurt from the outside or the inside. When you flash your phone, it works faster and better. After flashing, you can use MCT Dongle Crack to control all of the installed apps. Also, when you update your devices, MCT Dongle makes it faster for mobile phones to browse and search. Get NCK Dongle Crack.


  • It has the most up-to-date software and a Hi-Silicon Com port flashing tool.
  • The single file flash and repair system from Samsung.
  • FRP unlocking system.
  • You can unlock all user locks without losing any information.
  • Unlock Qualcomm and MTK by COM PORT.
  • Also, benchmarks from MTK and Qualcomm
  • Unlock and reset your network if it’s acting up.
  • Make a backup while the mobile device is in use.
  • Get rid of all PIN codes and locks.
  • Reset the factory.
  • Unlock all the new IM accounts now.
  • Make the phone work better and add more battery.
  • Fix all bugs and mistakes.
  • Help for both cables and USB.

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Operating system for X v10.12
  • Graphics card: display with a resolution of 1280x768p
  • Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (64-bit operating system only) (64-bit operating system only)
  • Plugins: Requires plug-ins for 64-bit audio units
  • Disk space: There is 6 GB of space on the disc
  • For full installation, you need a 63GB hard drive and a sound library.

MCT Dongle v2.1.2 Changelog:


  • Added VIVO QUALCOMM Model to the New List
  • (Read/Write/Unlock/FRP) S1 PRO (PD1945F)
  • (Read/Write/Unlock/FRP) S1 Prime (PD1945GF)
  • U3X (PD1928) (Read, Write, Unlock, and Frp)
  • U10 (PD1928F) (Read/Write/Lock/FRP)
  • (Read/Write/Unlock/FRP) Y9S (PD1945)
  • Y50 (PD1965 and PD1965F) (Read/Write/Unlock/FRP)
  • (Read/Write/Unlock/FRP) S1 Pro (PD1832A, PD1832E)
  • U3 (PD1941A, PD1941T) (Read, Write, Unlock, and Frp)
  • No Data Lost When Factory Reset ( Latest Qualcomm Devices – Beta )
  • VIVO Account ID Reset was added ( ALL )
  • Add VIVO DEMO Take away ( ALL )
  • Fixed functions of the VIVO factory reset


  • One-click activation of the browser from the MTP mode.
  • Note: The driver signal must be turned off and the computer must be turned on again.


  • One-click activation of the browser from MTP mode.
  • Note: The driver signal must be turned off and the computer must be turned on again.


  • One-click activation of the browser from the MTP mode.
  • Note: The driver signal must be turned off and the computer must be turned on again.

Features MCT Dongle V2.1.2 Latest Update:

  • Flashing on the SDM Platform
  • EMMC Test
  • Back up the SDM Platform
  • EMMC Backup
  • Look at Pattern.
  • Check Pin ( Bruteforce )
  • Read the code (Bruteforce )
  • Get rid of every user lock ( No data Lose )
  • All Security Reset
  • Vivo Bootloader Unlock (Dat)
  • How to Unlock One Plus Bootloader
  • How to Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader
  • Meizu Bootloader Unlock
  • FRP
  • EMMC Pattern to Read
  • EMMC reads Pin
  • EMMC Password Read
  • Xiaomi DM-Verify
  • Xiaomi Wifi/Sensor Fix
  • IMEI Repair
  • Backup and Restore QCN
  • Baseband Fix Not Known
  • MISC
  • Getting Firmware Out
  • Unpack / Repack Boot
  • Sparse Convert
  • Forensic
  • File Explorer
  • Find Your Contacts
  • Get Your Call Records
  • Recovery of SMS

How to Set Up MCT Dongle v2.1.2?

  • Find the file you saved.
  • Use 7zip or Winrar to open a zip file.
  • Type the password in the way that is shown below.
  • To start the installation process, double-click the.exe file.
  • Wait until the process of installing is done.
  • Use “Run as Administrator” to get software to work.
  • Only work with 64bit.


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